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Little Market - American Brasserie


Project Type: Branding, Web Design & Development, Design, Photography

Scope- Mercadito Hospitality needed a brand built from the ground up for their french brasserie concept.

This is some insight into the thinking behind the branding and what helped forumlate these strategies.

Little Market is a neighborhood place you go to a few days a week, but something the critics still write about.


Coming with design elements for Little Market was a lot of fun and I think that it played into my own personal design style very nicely. I always look at brands objectively when formulating branding strategies, but after researching french brasserie's and the design styles they entail, it really fit my personal style well. This made designing elements for it a seamless task.

A big part of Little Market's design strategy lay in its typography. Didot LTD italic and Source Sans Pro made for a powerful combiniation of class and legibility.

Little Market's logo was an extension of the brand. It wasn't meticulous, but it wasn't sloppy. It was comforting and something that says "Hey, this place is cool and not full of shit."

Deciding a style

Once I saw the logos play out and received some feedback from the team, I had a more clear vision on where to take the logo. I thought a mixture of hand-drawn and computer-typographic would fit the mold.

Drawing Up The Logo

Some logo mocks pre-final-logo. All of them incorporated the hand drawn type

Little Market Logo

Colors of choice. Classy status

Another fun addition to Little Market's brand was its Twitter voice, Brass Monkey. This guy was once again just like the concept, classy but liked to let loose.

Bringing him to life

Bringing him to life

Ready to be shipped


Using the design elements I created, I was determined to make a cohesive, user-friendly site. Since Little Market is located in the Gold Coast, direction was given to cater to an older crowd. Needless to say the site wouldn't be a paralax scrolling-Awwwards candidate.

We looked at the site analytics of the other Mercadito Hospitality restaurants, and used it to prioritize the content of Little Market's site.

This site also takes full advantage of a reponsive layout. The index page is full screen, showcasing the photography and typography that was created to draw people into the brand. As you scale the page down, the columns respond while keeping the content in order of relevance. Everything from the navigation to the custom OpenTable reservation form.

We wanted to guide people through the site, drawing them in with the photography and ultimately leading them to making a reservation

Laying out the intended interaction

Some early mock ups of the website

Nice, but not enough substance

Getting closer, but a little too stuffy

There we go. More substance, classy yet modern, and a boatload of sweet imagery

Stay classy

Talk about RWD. The index page takes RWD to another level

Oooooo RWD

Different queries for landscape oriented iPad


Just another round of photos. I used Little Market's colors for all of the color correction in post processing. It's a subtle change, but its the small things that make up big things.

Canni getta poutine

That light

HDR status