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PT Pop Up


Project Type: Branding, Web Design & Development, Design, Photography

Scope- Mercadito Hospitality needed a brand built from the ground up for their pop up concent, PT Pop Up.

The concept's motto was, "Here one day, gone the next" and the brand had to reflect that.


The brand revolved around playful design elements. Elements that made the concept seem temporary, but still professionally designed and not thrown together. Paper textures, a light color pallete, a hand drawn logo and a old-timey clock did the trick.

Here's a few logo mocks I created, ultimately landing on the last one

Close But No Cigar


Still Not There..

Ah ha

PT Pop Up's Facebook Cover Photo



PT Pop Up's Website

PT Pop Up's Gallery


Since PT was such a short lived concept, all of the photos were taken during one shoot. We literally had a tasting with the staff to make sure we liked the dishes, photographed them, then rolled them out to the pbulic shortly after.


PT's Blackened Fish Sandwich

Oysters On A Half Shell, Oyster Power

PT's Lobster Tacos