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We're Getting Married


Personal Project

Here a little run down of what we went for with some things that I created (with Amanda's help of course) for our wedding.

Talk about pressure, everyone with any sort of design skills wants to make something awesome and unique for their wedding.


We wanted to make a website for all of our guests to check out that would tell a little bit about our story. We were inviting friends and family from all over and some of them we hadn't seen in a while, or at all since we started starting in 2009.

My long time friend and extremely talented photographer, Dave Mullis was nice enough to come up to Chicago for a weekend and take our engagement photos. It was tough for me as a photographer to hand over the reigns to someone else, but if it's going to be anyone I knew that Dave could do a great job.

We used mainly Dave's photographs and a few of mine from years past in Montana to create our wedding website, marriedinbigsky.com

Full screen imagery

and of course it had to be responsive...


For our invitations, we had ideas from all over the place. We wanted to not go completely off the reservation but we wanted something a little more modern and edgy.

With hundreds of Amanda's Pinterest pins for inspiration, I had to come through!

We ended up getting the invitations printed at a letterpress shop in Utah, Mandate Press. They did an amazing job and I'd highly recommend them if you ever need any letterpress printing.

That belly band though

A letterpressed return envelope....really?